Psychological & Educational Testing

Comprehensive Psychological and Educational Evaluations

Psychological testing can provide valuable information to help you understand and plan for your child or teenager. A comprehensive evaluation generates a profile of how an individual thinks, learns and copes. It is a critical part of the process of accurately diagnosing learning disabilities and attention disorders, as well as a way of understanding emotional difficulties.

An evaluation consists of information gathering in a variety of ways: interview with the family, review of records, questionnaires regarding developmental history and behavioral observations, questionnaires for the teachers or day care providers (with your consent, of course), and direct testing in our offices.

Tests will be selected to answer the specific questions identified by you and the psychologist. The evaluation may include measures of current intellectual functioning ("I.Q."), academic achievement, learning style, memory, organizational skills, visual-motor functioning, attention, and social-emotional status. Through testing, we create a profile of your childís strengths, as well as weaknesses, in order to get an understanding of the whole child.

In our conference with you after the testing and in the written report that we will provide to you, we focus on providing practical information and specific recommendations to guide treatment and school planning.

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