Parent Counseling

Whether your child's problems are educational, behavioral or social-emotional, we know that your involvement is critical to efforts to move your child forward. Yet, often parents feel that they lack the knowledge and expertise to help their children. At other times, the challenge can be more sustaining the effort in the face of daily frustrations.

Our parent consultation sessions will help you understand your child's needs, create a plan to increase your child's competence in his or her weak areas, and provide the guidance, counseling, and support along the way for you to manage the day-to-day matters.

Frequently, a lot can be accomplished indirectly in these parent consultations by teaching you how to intervene, rather than by direct meetings with your child. When we do work directly with the child we find that the addition of parent consultation sessions enable the crucial active collaboration and sustained participation that is necessary for the intervention plan to have the best outcomes.

We also provide consultations or second opinions regarding children. Perhaps your child has been tested through another facility or through various professionals and you do not understand the results or how the information fits together. Perhaps your child has not responded to treatment or presents parenting challenges that leave you confused as to how to help. We start with collecting information to put together a basic understanding of your child. Then we ask ourselves, "If this was my child, what would I do?" We will put together a plan, provide the services you need or direct you to other professional resources, as indicated.