In this fast paced life, it can be comforting to come to a relaxed office where your personal concerns are treated with patience, respect and dignity. We take pride in providing professional, competent, yet personalized services to children and teenagers, including: comprehensive evaluations, school consultations, counseling and psychotherapy.

Child Development Resources

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Ph.D.

Are you confused and concerned about how to help your child or teen?

We are a small group of psychologists with specialized training and many years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents. We work together with families, schools and other community professionals to help children with emotional, behavioral and/or academic needs.

We are psychologists, and we are parents, too. We approach each family from the same personal and practical standpoint that we would want for our own children, asking ourselves, "If this was my child, what would I do?" Then we work with you to develop a plan that brings our skills and resources to bear on the developmental challenges your child is facing.